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  1. The Food Network's executive chef Rob Bleifer took center stage with a "Cooking and Wine Pairing Master Class'' that paired food with the Food Network's signature wine label, entwine, created in partnership with Wente Vineyards in California. Food Network chef makes guest appearance at Veritas.
  2. verb (used with or without object), en·twined, en·twin·ing. to twine with, about, around, or together.
  3. to twist together or around something: The old-fashioned porch was entwined with many creeping plants.
  4. entwine is the coming together of two extraordinary things. It’s the coming together of perfectly balanced flavors. It’s the coming together of food and wine.
  5. 20 synonyms of entwine from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 34 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for entwine. Entwine: to .
  6. Braid your locks with rosy twine; ‘entwine your hair with wreaths of roses.’ When little tots climb up and entwine their arms about our necks. Spirits that entwine one's heartstrings with tender touch, yet are heavier fetters, more oppressive than leaden weights.
  7. HYDRATED. Haute Hair – Lets Entwine Natural, Relaxed, Color-Treated, Heat Styled, Weaves or Extensions ALL NEED HYDRATION💦. It's the foundation for .
  8. Entwine is a data organization library for massive point clouds, designed to conquer datasets of trillions of points as well as desktop-scale point clouds. Entwine can index anything that is PDAL-readable, and can read/write to a variety of sources like S3 or Dropbox.
  9. Entwine is building a generation of young Jews who lead and live a life of action with global Jewish responsibility at its core.

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