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  1. Mar 27,  · to explain what's inside a cassette, we'll use the one that came apart peacefully. pic 1 - inside a cassette with half its shell removed. pic 2- the slip sheet. this reduces friction between the tape and the shell. these can be clear. pic 3 - the pressure pad. this provides even contact between the tape and the heads on the machine that read.
  2. Zwaertgevegt is a Dutch black metal record label founded in December of by Patrick Uiterweerd. The purpose of the record label was strictly to release Dutch-based black metal bands on cassette tapes. All releases were limited edition and hand-numbered and were photocopied to resemble early 's demo tape releases. In late , Patrick.
  3. Caused by a loose tape, static electricity build-up or the wrong speed. Eject the tape from the cassette player, place the tape in the palm of your hand and rap it against a flat surface three (3) times. Re-insert the tape in the cassette player, rewind the tape for a minute, then stop. Fast forward the tape for a minute, then stop.
  4. May 19,  · The humble cassette tape, a happy memory for many music fans of a certain age, has staged a comeback for one Canadian company. The first order came in 10 cassettes.
  5. Sep 15,  · Gently pull out the tape from the cassette casing with your finger until there is room to place a pen underneath. Place the pen underneath and .
  6. The limitations of Cassette tape recording times are purely mechanical. The quality of the binder holding the ferro magnetic material to the plastic substrate, the quality of the plastic, the various rotating pieces inside the plastic shell, the q.
  7. How many times can you rerecord without killing sound quality? I am setting up to do some 4 track recording on my tascam mf-p I ordered 4 TDK tapes and just found 2 maxell XL II's in my basement (everything is type 2 as recommended by manual). I'm planning on mainly just using a couple tapes and rerecording until I'm happy, then putting.

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