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  1. Jul 16,  · St. James Infirmary is a peer-based occupational health and safety clinic for sex workers of all genders. It is our mission to meet the needs of people engaged in the sex trade through advocacy, direct services, and social justice. Support Our Mission—Donate Now SJI EQUITY CAMPAIGN FOR SEX WORKERS AND TRANSGENDER PEOPLE OF COLOR.
  2. “St. James Infirmary Blues”, is an American jazz song of uncertain origin. Louis Armstrong made the song famous in his influential recording. Cab Calloway performs this version in the
  3. reviews of St. James Infirmary "So, I went into this place shortly after they opened. The two real strengths are the roof top patio, and the drinks. The patio provides a nice alternative to being inside, while the drinks fit the decor.4/5().
  4. About “St. James Infirmary” The song is based on the 19th century English folk song, “The Unfortunate Rake”. This version appeared first in New Orleans and Lewis Armstrong was the first to record.
  5. St. James Infirmary is a peer-based non-profit (c)3 organization serving Sex Workers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. We are the first occupational health and safety clinic in the U.S. run by Sex Workers for Sex Workers!
  6. Jazz and Blues fans alike will be familiar with the title "St. James Infirmary Blues." However, this is just one variant of an old song whose history traverses continents and cultures. Tracing the evolution of the tune and lyrics of this standard provides a valuable window into the folk process at work.
  7. Dec 04,  · Read or print original St James Infirmary lyrics updated! It was down in Old Joe's barroom, / On the corner by the square, / The usual.
  8. I Went Down to St James Infirmary received a solid mention in David Bauer ’s [AP] review of Alan Light’s book The Holy or the Broken, based on Leonard Cohen’s song Hallelujah (). In his review of that book Bauer says: “In writing a book on a single song, Light joins a .
  9. Things to do near St. James Infirmary. Nevada Museum of Art; Brewers Cabinet; Arte Italia; Reno Riverwalk Wine Walk; Truckee River Walk; Wingfield Park; Lake Mansion; Sundance Books and Music; Puzzle Room Reno; The Discovery - Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum; McCarran Mansion; Reno Riverwalk District; Pioneer Center for the Performing 4/5(2).

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