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  1. Various - No Amps Near The Gramps (Cass, Comp) Label: Not On Label Cat#: sync Media Condition: Media: Very Good (VG) Sleeve Condition: Sleeve: Very Good (VG) Band copy I received when the tape was released. One label on cassette is damaged and torn at the corner. Sleeve is a little wrinkled, but not badly. View Release Page%().
  2. Aug 08,  · To use it with an amp, just create presets with no AMP or CAB blocks. Some people run separate chains of effects —some before the amp and others in its loop. This is called the “four cable method.” Or better still: match the sound of your amp and send THAT to front of house while you use your amp on stage in all its glory.
  3. Oct 13,  · Connect "Audio Out" on the CD/DVD player INTO the "Line IN" on the cassette recorder, using RCA jacks. If red is present but no white, use the red in the red ports and the other color (sometimes black) in the other port. Connect the same colors on BOTH devices. Method 3Views: 12K.
  4. Private Amp From a Old Personal Cassette Player: hi folks today im going to help all our guitar playing friends improve their relationships with neighbours and or family. no im not going to personally give them each 50 bucks to leave you alone what im going to do is supply you with the knowhow to .
  5. Sep 15,  · Early guitar amps used vacuum tubes to amplify the sound, but when the transistor was invented, amplifier manufacturers found a more reliable and cheaper technology. Solid state amplifiers are considered to be more reliable than their tube counterparts, but problems can occur in solid state amps.
  6. Although I’m still not a big fan of using attenuation when recording, it at least allows for practicing with a good tube tone at lower volumes. When recording I feel it’s essential to open up the amp to get the best tones. The higher the volume of the amp, the more the transformers are working in combination with the tubes to create that.
  7. May 09,  · I thought I would take 5 great questions from Instagram (@intheblues_) and start a new series of videos called 5 quick questions. The five questions are: .
  8. However, we understand that it’s important to find a high-quality amp that still provides a great sound. Small amps can sometimes sound a little thin, so know the importance of getting a true sound without breaking down the walls (or your neighbors). For those who have limited space, a small amp .

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